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Tidying up Squarespace search results

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Every Squarespace website has a standalone search page

This is great, except for the fact that Squarespace search results can be pretty messy if you use gallery collections as feeds for gallery blocks and summary blocks. In that case each image in your gallery collection shows up in your search results and links users to a gallery page that serves no actual purpose other than as a data source. 

It's a bit like an in-store directory sending potential customers to the stock room. 

There's no way within the Squarespace admin interface to customise the site search, but a little bit of custom css will filter out any gallery images. 


.sqs-search-page {
.sqs-post-type-image.ContentItem {
         display:none  !important;

Add the code above to Design > Custom CSS and your search results will be a lot more useful to your site visitors.