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I'm a freelance user experience consultant who delivers projects large and small for a client base that includes multinationals, SMEs, and sole traders.   
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How to find out which Squarespace template a site is using

Searchable Squarespace 7 Template List

Last updated:  5 December 2017

  • 8 templates added  - Kin, Royce, Stella, Impact, Blend, Pursuit, Pedro, Vow.
  • 1 template retired - Encore

How to use the searchable template list

  • To find out which template a Squarespace site uses, all you need to do is right click any page on the site in question, select View Source from the menu and then copy the templateId code

  • You can also type a template name to find its ID. 

  • Clicking links will take you to to the official Squarespace demo site for each template (these links may fail for discontinued templates). 



Not all Template IDs are unique

The  Squarepace template list above is sorted by template ID rather than template name. 

Notice that several templates share the same ID.

This is because they are variants of the same core template.