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I'm a freelance user experience consultant who delivers projects large and small for a client base that includes multinationals, SMEs, and sole traders.   
I specialise in formulating new media strategy, defining information architecture, user experience design, interaction design, prototyping, user research & testing, website and application building, and online marketing. 

Quick Tip - How to stop long words or urls breaking Squarespace blog comments

The problem

Long strings of characters with no spaces, such as urls, can break Squarespace comment layouts. 

To illustrate the problem - here's what happened when I posted a Google Maps url into a blog comment earlier today:


Banner image showing the longest place name in the world breaking out of a page layout. 
Overflowing Squarespace blog comments box. 

The fix

 The fix is to insert a couple of lines of css into the Custom CSS  editor in the Design section of the admin interface. 

div.comment-body {
word-wrap: break-word !important;

The result

The css forces long strings to word wrap when they reach the edge of their container. 

Comments box with the fix applied.