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Google Webmaster Tools Data not updating for your Squarespace site? Don’t worry.. will get better

Update - 20th November 2015

Search console / Webmaster tools is currently only showing data to November 11th. Taking into account the standard 2 day lag it's 7 days behind on its updates. 

If you read my original article below you'll see that this happens often and things will settle out soon. 

Original article

If you have a Squarespace site and use Google Webmaster Tools to monitor the impact of your SEO efforts you may have noticed that the daily impression and click data hasn’t refreshed since the 7th or 8th of February 2015.

Don’t worry - you’re not alone.  The problem applies to every Webmaster Tools user. 

Google Webmaster Tools impression and click data usually has a 2 day lag built in. At the time of writing (16th February 2015) the lag is 8 days, with the most recent data being for 8th February.  

Google is aware of the problem and is addressing it.  To begin with all data reports were stuck on 7th Feb, but over the last weekend data for 8th Feb was added. There is currently no estimated time for the usual 2 day lag to be restored but at least progress is being made and no data seems to have been lost.  

It isn’t the first time that Webmaster Tools reporting lag has extended beyond 2 days. Indeed. in February 2014, almost a year ago to the day, there was a similar problem.  On that occasion all data was restored. 


  • 17th Feb 2015 - Data now showing up to 10 Feb. 
  • 18th Feb 2015 - Data now showing up to 12 Feb. 
  • 19th Feb 2015 - Data now showing up to 16 Feb.. ..nearly caught up
  • 22nd Feb 2015 - All back to normal

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