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I'm a freelance user experience consultant who delivers projects large and small for a client base that includes multinationals, SMEs, and sole traders.   
I specialise in formulating new media strategy, defining information architecture, user experience design, interaction design, prototyping, user research & testing, website and application building, and online marketing. 

Configuring the Facebook Pixel to track conversion value in Squarespace Commerce

It's easy to install the Facebook Pixel on a Squarespace site - just paste the code Facebook provides into the sitewide header code injection point - BUT this won't track the value of completed orders in the Facebook analytics system.  

The answer is to insert the whole of the Facebook pixel code into your Squarespace site's Order Confirmation Page injection point and insert a Purchase Event into the code that uses a baked in Squarespace variable to send the order Grant Total to Facebook. 

See how to do it in the video below.