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I'm a freelance user experience consultant who delivers projects large and small for a client base that includes multinationals, SMEs, and sole traders.   
I specialise in formulating new media strategy, defining information architecture, user experience design, interaction design, prototyping, user research & testing, website and application building, and online marketing. 

IMPORTANT - Sites on Squarespace Personal Plan Created After December 1st 2017 Do Not Support Code Injection or Code Blocks

As of December 1st 2017, changes to the Squarespace Price Plans mean that only css customisations are possible on the Personal Plan. 

The consequence of this is that any JavaScript add ons will require users to upgrade to a Business or Commerce plan. 

In addition, some standard blocks in the page builder, most notably the Malichimp integration, are not available on the new Personal plan. 

This only applies to new trials or sites created on or after December 1st 2017. If you were already on a personal plan or started a free trial before Dec 1st 2017 you will still have access to code injection, code blocks and Mailchimp. 

How does this impact the Squarespace Tips provided by Silvabokis?

Pure CSS tips will still work on all plans including the Personal plan. 

Tips that require JavaScript or insertion of custom html into code blocks will not work on the Personal Plan - you'll need to be on a Business or Commerce Plan.

I will be going through the tips over the coming days and clearly marking which plans they will work on.