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I'm a freelance user experience consultant who delivers projects large and small for a client base that includes multinationals, SMEs, and sole traders.   
I specialise in formulating new media strategy, defining information architecture, user experience design, interaction design, prototyping, user research & testing, website and application building, and online marketing. 

Defining the User Experience for Sony Centres Multichannel Retail web solution

Sony United Kingdom initiated a project to provide Sony Centre dealerships with the ability to sell products straight from the main Sony website.

The challenges to achieve this aim were enormous - over 100 stores, each with potentially different pricing structures, would be selling via the Sony website and the likelihood of customers getting confused by the offering was high.    

Having previously worked successfully on a number of other large Sony projects, Silvabokis was invited to work on defining the Information Architecture and User Experience for the project. 

Striking a balance between using the site as a marketing platform and an e-commerce site was challenging. Site ownership was complex, requiring multiple levels of signoff from Sony UK, Sony Europe product groups, Sony Europe Information systems and others.

Colin worked with us from the formulation of web strategy, through the information architecture / user experience development, to fulfilling a project troubleshooting /problem solving role. Colin has a detailed knowledge of a large number of web specialisms which enables him to play a vital role at all stages of a project.
— Kate Lavender, Project Director, Sony Direct

Silvabokis was tasked as follows:

  • Define proposed IA and produce initial wireframes to support requirements document.
  • Actively participate in requirements validation including presentation to senior management.
  • Ensure sign offs were received from all parties & report back to project management committee.
  • Produce detailed wireframes for use in scoping sessions to facilitate estimation of development effort & procure sign off.
  • Produce low-resolution and high resolution prototypes for use in user testing.
  • Arrange 3 rounds of user testing: First round: 20 participants, qualitative research. Second round: 300 participants, quantitative research with eye tracking. 20 participants, qualitative research. Third round: 150 participants, quantitative research with eye tracking. 20 participants, qualitative research.
  • Collate research findings and present to stakeholders.
  • Document Change Requests, propose solutions and seek approval from stakeholders.
  • See project through to launch with 2 periods (total 7 weeks) on-site at the Sony offshore development facility in Istanbul.